STOP Agromafia! Choose what to buy and stop the numbers of the criminal affairs: over 500 million euro every year in Italy!

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By definition Agromafia is a group of infamous people who earn their profits without respecting the sustainability rules, stealing our future and the wonders of our beautiful Italy.

The operation against Agromafia revealed a business with an amount of Euro comparable to the next A series championship of our Italian Soccer, including Juventus and Roma Sports Association. But in order not to do wrong correlations, let’s read the 2015 data of Legambiente via ANSA :

  • 56 offenses every day for a total of 20,700
  • Over 3,700 reports and 4,214 seizures
  • Also 30 mafia clans caught red-handed
  • For a total value of 586 million euro.

Impressive numbers in the fish market chain:

  • 6,299 criminal offenses
  • 459 people reported, 800 fines
  • 991 seizures

The market of wine and spirits also challenged the supervisory authorities.

No more rich Agromafia! Hands off our environment! To free agriculture and the other sectors from the mafia lobby we have to change our buying behavior. In addition to the 10 things to follow to save the Planet check where the products you buy come from: that means choose the Italian guarantee products!

Against Agromafia: NO more black market food Infographic. I Love This Planet

Against Agromafia: NO more black market food Infographic. I Love This Planet

  • In 2014 Agromafia had already been reported in Milan. Since then, this Organised crime has been doing business in agriculture. According to the report by Coldiretti-Eurispes, the business is worth 14 billion euro, 12% more than 2 years ago (check the video in Italian):

 Before these huge numbers 
– said Rossella Muroni, Legambiente National CEO –
our duty is to free food from criminal affairs. Because we Consumers pay for the wrong choices made by white-collar workers who determine the price of the basic necessity goods …  

The potential of sustainable communications is to stop appropriating the wealth that belongs to future generations as  Mathis Wackernagel, the Swiss environmental expert said,

this goal could be achieved with the available technologies for a sustainable future and is cost effective because the overall benefits are higher than costs. It can stimulate emerging industries … 

Consequently I Love This Planet offers solutions to such terrible facts that put our “Bel Paese” in a bad light DOWNLOAD FREE

AGROBusiness Report

Ed. SACE, 2015. Free PDF all Updated data and Infographic included

Sace Filiera Agroalimentare report 2015

Sace Filiera Agroalimentare report 2015

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