Christmas against Pollution! Information and culture win in the pictures of “Arctic” by Vincent Munier, Milan, FREE!

Christmas, but pollution kills in many big cities like Beijing, Istanbul and also Milan, Rome and most of all in the Po Valley. Act now before all the magnificence portrayed in Vincent Munier’s pictures is lost “Artico. Immagini da un mondo bianco”  (Arctic. Images from a white world) in Milan until February, 27th, FREE!

Christmas and pollution still continues unabated. The European Environment Agency’s (EEA) report on the air quality ranks our country in first place for premature deaths due to air pollution:

Natale inquinamento Infografica 2015

Natale inquinamento Infografica 2015

Though in the last decades there have been several improvements, air pollution still threatens the health of the European people, reducing their life quality and expectancy. Hans Bruyninckx, executive director EEA.

© Vincent Munier. Gufo delle nevi. Canada, 2006

© Vincent Munier. Snowy owl. Canada, 2006

Our wonderful Planet deserves more. We deserve a sustainable future. We need to change our ways, now! See how:

  • set your central heating 1 degree lower
  • travel on public transport and ride on bycicle
  • take slightly warm showers by setting the temperature from your boiler
  • change your energy supplier and choose those who employ renewable sources
  • switch off your lights and all the other devices that you are not using
  • love this Planet, always.

At Christmas against pollution hold your breath and dive into the exhibition “Artico. Immagini da un mondo bianco.” (Arctic. Images from a white world):

© Vincent Munier. Orso polare. Svalbard, 2014

© Vincent Munier. Polar bear. Svalbard, 2014

  • Through “Arctic” he engages in treks more and more arduous and – he admits – the journeys with the harshest conditions, inspire him most.

I step into another world. For a few moments silence is complete, almost frightful. Then I realize that the echo of my steps creaking on the snow might awaken a polar bear who had fallen asleep behind a hill just a few kilometers away… V. Munier

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