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Elliott Erwitt, alias Elio Romano Erwitz, is an American photographer, even a bit Italian, specialized in advertising and documentary photography.

Elliott Erwitt is known for his black and white shots depicting daily ironic and absurd situations. You can give you the opportunity to escape from the monotony of work because the Forte di Bard, Aosta, there is his most complete retrospective ever made.

Erwitt is recognized especially for his photos of dogs. The Planet is a wonderful place for the point of view of those who can tell about it and Dogdogs’ Elliott it portrays the most ironic part of canine friends. Irony Photographic included in Elliott dogs “Dogdogs“.

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Masters of photography Elliott Erwitt - I Love This Planet

USA. New York. 1974. Elliott Erwity – I Love This Planet

He is a great photographer at least as Helmut Newton, the fashion photographer, of German origin, Helmut Neustädter pseudonym. Naturalized Australian. Memorable his studies of the female nude. So much is also recognized Mr. Erwitt.

Why so impact return to work or school? Let us be carried away by the magnificent images of an undisputed Master of Phography. In the article “Moments of value for the eyes: there is a story as well!” the beautiful picture of Elliott Erwitt captures the eye of First Lady Jackie Kennedy during the funeral of Robert.

Forte di Bard specifies its now established feature of the main cultural center of the Aosta Valley, Italy, it hosts the exhibition Elliott Erwitt – Retrospective.

Magnum Photos Paris works closely with the Forte di Bard Association to allow the new project by Elliott Erwitt world premiere. Creating immense retrospective of one of the greatest masters of our time.

All the information to reach the exhibition.

Elliott Erwitt official site.


Until 13 of November, 2016. Forte di Bard, Aosta. ITALY

A time machine that starts the 1948 targeting irony.

They are all to select pictures from his very numerous production until 2015. The exhibition is curated by Andréa Holzherr, Global Exhibitions Director, Magnum Photos International, Paris and Gabriele Accornero, CEO of Associazione Forte di Bard.

137 photographs on display in the “Sale delle Cantine”.

They include a time span from 1948, year of the photo “View of New York”, USA until 2005.

The exhibition is divided into nine sections, including color  and black and white photos:

  • Beaches,
  • Cities,
  • Abstractions,
  • Museum
  • Watching,
  • Dogs,
  • Between the Sexes,
  • Regarding Women,
  • Kids,
  • Personalities.

In New York Elliott Erwitt realizes, exclusively for the Forte di Bard, an interview from his office about his short film made in collaboration with Douglas Sloan “I Bark at Dogs” (2011).

Also in the “Sale delle Cantine” are display some pictures of the project André Solidor

Masters of photography Elliott Erwitt - I Love This Planet

USA. California. 1955. Elliott Erwitt – I Love This Planet

Elliott Erwitt

the Man

He was born in Paris in 1928 by a Russian Jewish family. Elliott Erwitt spent his childhood in Italy. He moved to the United States in 1939, permanently. From New York, first and then to Los Angeles, he studied photography and cinema. He worked first for the US Army as a photographer in France and Germany. Just started his career as a freelance photographer, in 1953 he joined the historical Magnum Agency. Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa are its founding at the end of World War II. In 1968, Elliott Erwitt becomes president of it.

Elliott Erwitt

How he captures images

Unique, Erwitt manages to tell a succession of events visually using the snapshot preferred language. The result:

  • a composition of bizarre objects, leaping, iconic, playful, surprised
  • or even better, the unsuspected perfection born of fatality.

The type of photography that I like, the one in which it is seized the moment, is very similar to this hole in the clouds. In a flash, a wonderful picture seems to come out of nowhere. (Elliott Erwitt) 

Artemide, the well-known Italian design brand has a section in the exhibition. Where Erwitt shows a selection of designer portraits. Those who have signed the most famous lamps:

  • Ross Lovegrove,
  • Michele De Lucchi,
  • Jean Nouvel,
  • Naoto Fukasawa,
  • Carlotta de Bevilacqua,
  • Ernesto Sigismondi.

Project by Forte di Bard, Magnum Photos. Hosted by Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta, Compagnia San Paolo, Fondazione Crt, Finaosta 

Partner Saint-Vincent Resort&Casinò, Artemide

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