Exhibit Edward Hopper is a world within the humans. It‘s the wonder that reveals the happiness of the second America renaissance.

Exhibit Edward Hopper, at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Bologna, Italy, through the wonder of 58 masterpieces of the Whitney Museum in New York, organized by Arthemisia Group.

Exhibit Edward Hopper let you understand how the New American painting art of has begin, because until then the United States were living the art as a phenomenon imported from Europe:

  • a reversal of new continent values: the best and most authentic desires, the wonder and the idea of happiness.
  • all the new works of his art and artistic production questions the American dream. Points the way to a renaissance for the conquest of a more conscious existence, the concept is now called sustainable.

Exhibit Edward Hopper to understand the man who finds happiness: download PDF FREE!

The family particularly like the big painting of about two meters long entitled Soir Bleu (the cover image of the article with the clown). It is a work created by Hopper in 1914 in Paris. The symbol of human alienation and loneliness::

Edward Hopper is unique in contemporary history that drives our consciousness upon awakening. There, where we try to suppress it, comes reflection. From this pillar I Love This Planet encourages

all Designer, all artists, to build a sustainable future! (Link)

Exhibit Edward Hopper succeeds only through pictures.

The exhibition, also organized by Arthemisia Group (link), at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni Bologna until July 24, is a way to

  • school groups
  • laboratories
  • families

to know the entire period of production of Edward Hopper, from the Parisian watercolors landscapes to historical spots of the 50’s and 60’s, through more than 60 works.

Mostra Hopper a Bologna, l'arte della meraviglia fino a luglio

Hopper, Edward

In Bologna, in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, everything well organized for large groups with several side events:

  • Exhibit Edward Hopper brings together the most significant images like single women and indoors, nude or semi undressed. Bustling or contemplative. All paintings tell, often like short movies, the artist’s poetry, its discreet realism and especially his ability to reveal the beauty of the most common subjects.
  • A career built by an extraordinary repertoire of motifs and genres of figurative painting: interior scene, portrait, nude, landscape. All the protagonists of his masterpieces. Even in the engravings of which he was master, in the drawings, the watercolors, the beginning of the century to the sixties of the twentieth century.
Mostra Hopper a Bologna, l'arte della meraviglia fino a luglio

Hopper, Edward

The Exhibit Edward Hopper turns out for families and school, how he was the narrator of stories:

  • The only artist that has been able to stop the moment crystallized over time painting the landscape even a person.
  • Edward Hopper, who lived between 1882 and 1967, is the most popular and well-known American artist of the twentieth century. Artist shy and taciturn, a lover of the sea horizons, the clear light of his great study. He illustrates his poetics in simple words:
 If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint. Edward Hopper
Mostra Hopper a Bologna, l'arte della meraviglia fino a luglio

Hopper, Edward

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