Green Job means 300 million euros to work! In Italy there are more job opportunities.

Green job are all opportunities for sustainability and wonder of the Planet. There’s € 300 million available by Europe Union and in Italian job portals you can find employment in the Green Economy field.

I Love This Planet provides Green job opportunities information in the sustainability and the green economy fields. Are the most requested professionals, degree courses and technical&training courses now required and available in Italy.

Before undertaking these professions, and to further study, reading the article:
–>> Social and Environmental Education: 4 Bil of Euros (link)

If you got your idea show your preparation with the “Green Italy Guide”, in the bottom of the page


More than 300 million Euros for the public and private

By September 2016 presents the projects to protect and preserve the European natural heritage:

  • LIFE 2016 calls have more than 300 million euro to finance a range of projects designed to develop, test and replicate innovative ways to address the critical issues related to climate changes .
  • The LIFE 2016 draft notices occur by September . Public and private organizations with or without profit.

–>> All modes are published on the website dedicated to the EU LIFE program ( link )


The Green Jobs in Northern Italy

It is active the door Green Jobs in Milan:

  • It provides advice to pursue a career in the professional environment and sustainability. 
  • It wants to be a motivational accelerator. To seize the opportunities offered by the green conversion of the economy and society.

–>> Green Opportunities in Lombardia (link)


Italian Green job by InfoJobs

Also the job portal offers in Italy. InfoJobs has a Green job section:

  • It want to support the necessary personnel to improve the quality of life and environment.
  • By companies operating in the green economy, you will find offers for “Green” positions and for common positions .

–>> Here are alle the Green Jobs by InfoJobs (link)

GREEN JOB In Italia - I Love This Planet

GREEN JOB In Italia – I Love This Planet


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