Joe McNally’s “A Life on Assignment”, Manfrotto suppots for the city of Bassano / Unilever #BrightFuture / Life projects for you!

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Joe McNally offers us an international point of view through his shoots full of wonders. Everything is possible with sustainable conscience:  #BrightFuture by Unilever and the active Life Italian projects for 31 million euro.

Joe McNally “Bassano Photography” organized the exhibition of the American photographer Joe McNally. Manfrotto, historical Italian company and a world leader in design, production and distribution of professional photography equipment, sponsors and supports the event:

© Joe McNally, Bassano Fotografia

© Joe McNally, Bassano Fotografia

  • contributor to Sports Illustrated, Life, and National Geographic with the retrospective exhibition “A Life on Assignment”, Bassano allows itself a wide range of images describing frames of our Planet.

© Joe McNally, Bassano Fotografia

© Joe McNally, Bassano Fotografia

  • The exhibition opened on last October, 31st in the presence of the photographer and can be seen at the Museo Civico in Bassano del Grappa . The photographer’s website remains as an appendix, and offers an overview of his works
© Joe McNally, Bassano Fotografia

© Joe McNally, Bassano Fotografia

  • From 1st November 2015 to 19th January 2016, through “A Life on Assignment”, Joe McNally entrusts the Museum of Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy, with part of his considerable portfolio.

It’s worth pointing out that all this would be nothing without the ability to think of the future, or better @UnBelFuturo: follow the twitter of #ILoveThisPlanet!

To increase the sustainability of our Planet, there are many actions, you can do something too simply following these 10 tips: daily life can be efficient for the sustainability of the Earth.

Because you are following “A Life on Assignment” di Joe McNally:

Download free photo guide ON-Line courses

A short book to introduce you to 5 photho online courses.

#BrightFuture is the key word for the campaign against deforestation.

Another opportunity is to take part in the Life Italian program with the 39.3 million euro for these 21 Italian projects approved by the European Commission:

  • 12 for LIFE Environment & Resource Efficiency. Activities to promote the efficient use of environmental resources.
  • 8 for LIFE Nature & Biodiversity. Projects to spread and raise the awareness of natural biodiversity.
  • 1 for LIFE Environmental Governance & Information. A government project for information on sustainable development.

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