Nature and soul shows into unique visual collection by Irene Kung: “Trees”.

Nature is astonishing , never seen before! “Trees”, Irene Kung had hosted at Contrasto Galleria, Milan.

Contrasto has been pleased to participate with the exhibition of Irene’s nature photographs, made of fruit trees for the “Cluster della Frutta e Verdura, EXPO 2015”.

By my own work precess I bring the tree to what I heard. This is my jobs: I remove what is not essential to see the tree, the nature as I feel it. It is intuition, it is irrational: rational can lead us astray, but not the feeling.

Irene Kung

Natura I Love This Planet

6 Irene Kung Magnolia, 2013 Natura I Love This Planet

After photographing famous landmarks and cities, the most beautiful of the Earth, Irene Kung has focused his lens on the beauty of nature:

  • Olive trees, cactus, pomegranate trees and apples: fascinated by their shapes and their symbolic significance, the author has photographed 40 different types of trees, even the secular nature and not

I Love This Planet with much honor talks about the unique sensitivity di Irene Kung. You can also affect the works of Salgado by this post (link)

Natura Irene Kung Trees I Love This Planet

8 Irene Kung Palma 2, 2010. Natura I Love This Planet

The light and its use is essential in the compositions of his photographs structure. Kung creates an atmosphere around the single tree photographing the particular or the entire trunk:

  • looking for the best way to highlight the features of nature that has chosen to portray.
  • The exhibition is accompanied by the book “Trees”, Ed. Contrasto (95 pgs, € 45,00). There is also the limited edition, 100 copies, containing an original print signed by the artist.
Natura I Love This Planet

2 Irene Kung Fico d’india, 2014 Natura I Love This Planet

In silence, without a breath of wind, the forest dreamed by Irene Kung consists almost magically, picture after picture, page after page.

  • It is a wood without time, by many seasons, the different lights. A forest that knows no species differences, which can afford to live pine and olive trees, palm trees and willows, fruit trees and evergreens.
  • A garden of wonders – according to a title that the author herself had thought – or a soul forest, or even a fantastic catalog dedicated to the beauty of the gifts that nature has to offer.
    Giovanna Calvenzi

Irene Kung,

  • born in Switzerland, he has achieved international recognition with numerous solo exhibitions in New York, London, Milan and recently Beijing and Moscow.
  • His work has been published in international magazines such as The New York Times Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, Sette di Corriere della Sera, China Daily and it was selected by the jury at Paris Photo in 2010.


CONTRASTO GALLERIA, Via Ascanio Sforza, 29. 20136 Milano
martedì – sabato h: 14,30 – 18,30. Chiuso domenica e lunedì (link)


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