Sustainable future & Designer must excite!

Sustainable future made by successful communications that involves people. It focus the problem by putting it on alert.

We all know that our lifestyle has to change radically. Lester Brown, Worldwatch Institute, gives the ability to do it at Communication Industry, to all the designer group. For the future environment.

Too many Companies do not use their potential of sustainable communication:

  • 89% of Europeans consider very serious problem of climate change, by only 21% if it makes themselves responsible.
Futuro sostenibile


  • Only 2 of the 100 largest corporations in the world have declared that adopt strategic purposes to maintaining the ecosystem. (PUMA AG data)
Futuro sostenibile


  • In many large companies prevails the belief that resources are inexhaustible, leaving to the sustainability of the mere chatter function. (TEEB data, 2010)

Futuro sostenibile

To all Communication designer group on industrialized nations we invite to contributing, now!
The work must go on, keep up to date on developments!

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