“Timeless beauty” became “Beauty of eternity”. The exhibition “Now and time”. Photographic landscapes of Garda Lake, 1870-2000, until the 1st of November, 2015.

Timeless beauty is “Now and time” creating a real time-machine retracing the moments related to the Garda Lake.

Timeless beauty by The M.A.G. (means Museo Alto del Garda) offers the visit of Riva del Garda over nearly two centuries:

  • in the natural environment, as it was then society, tourism and their transformations.
Alfred Ewald Bogish Lungolago Torbole. 1914 (bellezza senza tempo)

Alfred Ewald Bogish Lungolago Torbole. 1914 (bellezza senza tempo)

  • Landing point for many tourists, it was the favorite spot of many Grand Tour
  • Garda Lake was, and still it is, a subject that always attracts attention and curiosity, capturing the attention of photography since the dawn.
  • Returning a timeless beauty through selected images from the vast heritage in the archive photo of The M.A.G..
Alois Beer Der Garda See von Riva aus. 1903 (bellezza senza tempo)

Alois Beer Der Garda See von Riva aus. 1903 (bellezza senza tempo)

In the monumental historical stage of “La Rocca di Riva”, the M.A.G. offers the possibility to use the images  time-machine: info and contacts (link).

In this way, the moment, the beating took from long studied shot, or maybe just improvised, helps to tell the timeless beauty of a century and it evokes who that time lived.

Gabriele Basilico. 1997 (bellezza senza tempo)

Gabriele Basilico. 1997 (bellezza senza tempo)

The existence of the time … … is not possible without the change; when, in fact, we don’t change anything within our hearts or not we don’t feel to change, we feel that the time is not spent at all. (Aristotle, Physics, 11, 219 b 1-2)

Then ”become/time” are an inseparable couple, to put it to Heidegger: ”Being is Time” ( link )

…good journey!

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